Zanima Vas Posao u UK? Trazi se Property Manager!



Property Menadžer za rad u
Engleskoj, Parovi Dobrodošli

Please read this ad very carefully and if you think that this is for you, apply by exactly
following instructions.
We are looking for property manager (couples are welcome) who want to start their new and
better life in England and stay here for the long time.
Your job will be property management and lettings of our properties.
You will be responsible for lettings – managing tenants, managing repairs and cleaners and
builder to make improvements in our properties and preparing rooms when tenants switching
and all other necessary house maintaining work. You also need to be able to organise and do
basic repairs.
This job does not require from you working super long hours and it will give you lots of
freedom, but it require you to be accessible at any time. It require that you are self motivated
and that you can work without supervision. This mean that many viewings with tenants are
happening in the evenings when they finish with work, and also you need to be accessible if
there is some big problem (for example if someone lost the keys you need to go to unlock
him a doors). For this reason this is all year long job, and eventual holidays we need to plan
in advance and secure someone who will replace you if you are away for a few days.
If you want to move in the UK with your partner, we can sort out paperwork and job for
him/her also. We are also recruiting for position of Facility Manager and Housekeeper for
one our hotel. If you are a couple and both of you are working with us, then only one person
at time can go abroad (in quiet times) while other person need to stay here if there is some
emergency with tenants and if there is no one at the moment to replace you.
This is a dream opportunity for someone who want to start new life in UK and starts his
family here, and provide to his family good and decent living and enjoy in all benefits what
this beautiful country provides! Hurry up to secure life in best country of Europe Union,
before she leave EU.
We understand that if you are looking to work abroad this opportunity is something special,
however we want to find best possible people for this position so you will need to satisfy our
requirements and have all following qualifications:
– advanced level of English language (British English, not American English)
– trustworthy and reliable
– good organisational and very good communicational skills
– driving licence
– very good knowledge in working with computers, technology and smartphones
– you love working with people (our tenants are like our children and sometimes we need to
teach them how to behave)
– attention to details and good taste for internal design

– will to learn new skills and meet new people
– some DIY skills
International experience is benefit. Experience in sales is benefit.
To apply for this position please send us maximum of 1 word page letter (1,5page if you are
couple) and include next information inside:
– picture, personal and contact information
– your education, working and international experience
– what do you do at the moment and why you want to live in the UK
– your knowledge of English
– why do you think that you are ideal person for this job and what’s your long term plans?
– nothing more
Please apply only if you are 100% serious for moving abroad. You will have very nice British
salary and we will secure you all papers, car and fuel. If you are a couple there will also be
possibility of having free accommodation in one room in our hotel) worth around £500 per
Please send you application on email:
If your application is received as requested, we will review it. If we like it and if we think that
you are person (or couple) we are looking for we will contact you within few days and from
there we will go to stage 2 where we will ask for more information.
Thanks for reading and good luck!